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Handmade is an essential shopaholics guide to Melbourne’s wealth of stunning products, galleries, shops, and markets.

It is the perfect book for people looking for inspiration to explore their own creativity as well as for overseas and domestic visitors looking to experience the city’s lesser-known creative heart. Melburnians will also discover the wealth of craft and design under their noses.

Handmade is available from bookstores and newsagents, or via the link below. To stock Handmade, please contact us on 03) 9627 2600.


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Artisan Profiles
Handmade in Melbourne Artisan: Zoran BarbesoskiHandmade in Melbourne Artisan: Gwendolynne BurkinHandmade in Melbourne Artisan ProfilesHandmade in Melbourne Artisan: Arno BackesHandmade in Melbourne Artisan: Kris CoadHandmade in Melbourne Artisan: Mick PeelHandmade in Melbourne Artisan: Camilla Gough
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If you are an artisan in need of a website, we can help. The team behind Handmade in Melbourne have created a cost-effective website solution, specifically crafted for the handmade world. The website connects you to your customers, enabling you to sell your products direct.

For more information, please call us on (03) 9627 2600.

What you get

We've designed and structured a website that promotes you, your products and your business. Content pages can include: Product Gallery linking to an online Shopping Cart: Customers can view your products and buy direct from the source. Artisan Profile, Stockists, Image Gallery, Contact Information ...and more.

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